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There are a range of accreditations available.  The most comprehensive of which is the Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification.

Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification (ACP)*

Comprehensive accreditation comes through a combination of assessment of your theoretical knowledge of coaching with The University of Worcester, and practical assessment of your coaching through the lEC. These two elements provide individual certification and together yield Accredited Practitioner of Education Coaching. In effect you will receive three qualifications in one. In addition to this you will receive 20 credits towards any university accredited Masters or Professional Certificate^

Routes to accreditation vary according to your previous experience. For the Accredited Practitioner Award you will need to have:

1. Attended a 1 day Coaching for Performance Course with Will Thomas in 2004 or later

2. Attended a 2 day Advanced Coaching for Performance Course with Will Thomas in 2004 or later

3. Attended a 1 day IEC “Pathways to Accreditation” Seminar

4. Produce a 3,000 word reflective practice essay on your coaching practice and meet the criteria

5. Successfully complete four coaching sessions with a Senior lEC coach, to develop and verify your skills.

You will also need to record 15 hours of coaching practice.

If you have already completed steps one or two you will not need to repeat them, but simply move to step three. Access further information using our contact form above.

^provided that you already hold a first degree. There are alternative  routes available for non-degree holders.

Other Certification:

Level 1 Certificate in Basic Competence in Coaching (Based on successful completion of Vision for Learning’s Introduction to Coaching one day programme)

Level 2 Certificate in Advanced Coaching Skills (Based on successful completion of Vision for LEarning’s Advanced Coaching Skills two day programme)

Level 3 Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification ( See above*)

Certificate of Competence in Middle leadership (Based on successful completion of the “Curriculum Leader 21st Century” programme developed in conjunction with The Oaks Collegiate, Birmingham).